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    Agricultural College, Rajamahendravaram - The need for developing quality human resource in the field of agriculture is getting intensified with increased demand for food security. India’s economy is based on agricultural growth, production, productivity and agribased industries. More so, Andhra Pradesh, a river state of India blessed with many rivers particularly Godavari, Krishna, Penna, Vamsadhara etc., There is a great potential for innovative ideas, to develop agriculture and agribased industries that ultimately contribute for the improvement of national economy particularly the economic standards of the farmer. Godavari zone comprised of the east & west Godavari districts is such a model agro climatic zone which can reach the pinnacle in agricultural development. It has already had certain credentials such as “Rice bowl of India” due to its high rice production and productivity, Seed production hub for many commercial crops such as cotton, maize, pulses and “World famous nurseries”. It is endowed with good irrigation facilities, rich alluvial soils, innovative farmers and established marketing facilities and highly diversified horticultural crops (including floriculture and olericulture).

    Establishment of an agricultural college in this region is a right strategy to produce well trained agriculture graduates because of the good learning opportunities and exposure. The college is harbored in Sri Kandukuri Veeresalingam Theistic Degree College  under Hitakarini Samajam which was established by the great social reformer Rao Bahaddur Sri Kandukuri Veeresalingam Panthulu garu.

    The day it was started, it had only 24 students (only one year), but now it has 280 students (all four years together). All the girls are staying in women’s hostel of Smt. Kandukuri Rajyalakshmi College for women, a separate wing was provided to our agricos in the hostel.